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Car for Matugga

samochód dla Matuggi

Our parish is situated 15 km north of capital city of Uganda- Kampala. We have 15 000 Catholics in our parish – writes to us Franciscan from Uganda.

During recent few years we managed to build church but it has not been consecrated yet because it needs to be finished. We also have 9 outstations with chapels. Some of them must be finished and the other to be refurbished. The area of our parish is hilly. There is only one asphalt road crossing through the parish. The other roads are laterite (small red stones). During rainy season rains are short but heavy here. Rains destroy the surface of the roads. To go to outstation we need a 4WD car. 

Car for everything

 On Sundays we drive to celebrate Holy Masses in our outstations. Other days we go for meetings, funerals (always near deceased home), for schools and to visit sick. The most difficult is to reach homes of our faithful. We need to pass through narrow boggy roads and branches of thicket brush the car body. Many times people helped us to push the car which was stuck in mud. Even in capital city Kampala wheel of the car may be stuck in uncovered drain pit and then you must pay people who push your car. 

Most of the times we do not travel alone. Usually car is full of people and goods. We transport catechists, altar servants and people who ask for lift. „ Three times I carried dead body from hospital to the burial place. The worst situation is after funeral where many people sit in the car because it is late to walk, home is far away and transport by hired motorcycle is expensive”- said fr. Marek Warzecha who works in Matugga. We drive our car to Kampla to go to various offices, for diocesan meetings, we go to Entebbe airport and to meet brothers from another friaries. 

Missionary challenges

At the moment we have one car. It is not enough for our work. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we have very intensive pastoral program, so often we borrow car from Franciscan sisters or we ask some parishioners to give us a lift. Because we are still building the church, we are not able to collect money to buy a second car. Last year we finished building the hospital and this year we are planning to equip it and open it. Within the boundaries of our parish we run 5 nurseries and 5 primary schools. The total number of pupils is 1600. There are big challenges because we have responsibility to deal with administration and maintenance of these activities. 

We ask for help

We would like to buy second hand 10 years old Toyota Kluger L, 2.4S Four. In Uganda they do not produce cars, so due to transport, tax and many other fees, cars are more expensive than in Poland. We thank in advance to all who support us with widow’s mite, so our work may be more effective and efficient. From our side we promised thankful prayers and… to drive you when you visit Uganda.

Only doing well we may change the world.

Franciscans from Uganda.


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Donation to buy second hand car for Matugga  may be paid on account:

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