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Adoption at a Distance

adopcja na odleglosc

Support for a specific child is possible thanks to the distance adoption programme run by our missionaries in Uganda.

Details about distance adoption comes from Father Adam, who coordinates the programme.

Thank you for your interest in the ‘Adoption at a Distance’ programme. Here are the essential details about the project.

The cost of sending a child in Uganda to a simple primary or secondary school for a year, with one meal per day (according to local standards), is about 150 dollars (between 550 and 600 PLN, depending on the course). When we in Uganda receive information that someone has undertaken to ‘adopt’ a child, a commission of ‘Good Samaritans’ from a given parish chooses a child from a poor family and enrols the child in school. We also send the child’s photo by mail or email to the child’s sponsors, along with a description of the child’s family situation, the school the child will attend and other information. Adopted children and youth send holiday greetings twice per year to their sponsors. It is good to ‘adopt’ a child for three years, but even one year of help is invaluable.

The account to which you pay funds for your adopted child is the official account of our Mission Secretariat in Cracow. The Secretariat mediates between Poland and the Franciscan missionaries in various parts of the world. This is the mission account number:


Pekao S.A. 31 1240 4432 1111 0000 4732 4970 PLN,

Copy and paste, or write this note, along with your name: 

Adopcja nowego dziecka Uganda (forename and surname of sponsor)

PROWINCJA SW. ANTONIEGO I BL. JAKUBA, 31-539 Krakow, ul Żółkiewskiego 14

The ‘note’ is very important to insure that your funds reach the distance adoption programme.


After sending funds to this account, please inform us by sending an email to Fr Jozef Matula (, so that we can monitor your adoption along with our brothers in Cracow. We also need your contact information (your email or postal address) so we can send you information about your adopted child.


Adoption at a distance is also organized in Kakooge. If you would like to help in Kakooge, please contact our Secretariat:

To all benefactors – thank you for your support!

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