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Adoption at a Distance

adopcja na odleglosc

ATTENTION: February 3, 2020 marks the start of a new school year in Uganda. We will be accepting new adoptive sponsors into our Program starting November 16, 2020. Payments for the new school year (2021) will be accepted until the end of December 2020, and you will receive information about the children in January 2021 at the latest. Please be patient

Providing support for a specific child is possible through participation in the “Remote Adoption” Program handled by our missionaries in Uganda.

If you are interested in the “Remote Adoption” Program, please complete the following three steps: 

1. Contact Fr Jozef Matula OFMConv who is responsible for coordinating the adoption(email: 

2. Complete a written declaration and sign a consent to the processing of personal data then forward it to Fr. Jozef and our Administrative Office via e-mail. The necessary forms can be downloaded using the links provided below.  

3. Complete a bank transfer for the amount intended to pay for a child’s school in Uganda. 

Once our Mission in Africa completes all administrative steps and a specific child is enrolled in the financial assistance program for “Remote Adoption”, you will be notified immediately. We will also provide you with additional information about the “adopted” child. 

Links to download required forms

– Adoption Declaration 

– Consent to the Processing of Personal Data 

– Information Clause 

More about the “Remote Adoption” Program 

Thank you for your interest in “Remote Adoption!

In Uganda, the cost of sending a child to a simple elementary school or high school, for one year, including one meal a day (according to local standards) is approx. $150 USD (approx. 130 EUR; 600 PLN, respectively, depending on current exchange rates). All children in the schools receive meals and some may also be placed in boarding facilities, especially those from remote villages and towns.

We help the poorest children in our missions in Kakooge, Matugga and Munyonyo. The work of “Remote Adoption” is coordinated by Fr. Stanisław in the Kakooge Parish, Fr. Adam in Matugga and Fr. Wojciech in Munyonyo. Fr. Jozef is responsible for the cooperationbetween our various missions and the communication with the Mission Secretariat in CracowPoland. Once we are informed in Uganda that someone has volunteered to participate in the “Remote Adoption” Program, the “Good Samaritans” commission from a given parish selects a child from a poor family and enrolls them in school. We then send a photo of the child to sponsors along with a description of the family situation, information about the school the child will attend etc. The adopted children and youth send Holiday greetings to their donors twice a year.

It is best to “adopt” a child for the whole duration of the primary school, but help for even just one year is invaluable. Primary school in Uganda lasts 7 years, so we always try to provide the child / student with the opportunity to complete the entire school. Usually, we accept and start helping to finance education from the beginning of Primary School, although of course there are random exceptions when a parent or student asks for help later due to a sudden financial hardship or change in family situation. The school year in Uganda begins on February 1 and ends on December 1; therefore, we encourage those interested in helping us to send the information and declarations about adoption before the start of the summer vacation’ – that is, by December of a given year at the latest.

The declaration of “adoption” is completely voluntary. If someone is unable to continue with financial support, please let us know. The friars serving in Uganda and especially in Munyonyo also support the poor students and seminarians, as well as the postulates and novices in formation and studies in our Franciscan Order. A very beautiful gift from God is a quite large number of vocations and people interested in entering a religious order or seminary; however, the housing, financial situation and other conditions often make it impossible to start the studies and religious formation at all. If any of you would be also interested in supporting this causeplease contact us with any questions via e-mail and we will be happy to provide the necessary information.

The account used for receiving funds for adoption is the official account of our Mission Secretariat in Cracow, Poland. This Secretariat functions as a coordinator between Poland and the Franciscan missionaries in various parts of the world.

Please contact our Secretariat:

We thank all of our benefactors for their interest, prayers and financial support! 

Please be advised that by donating funds to the Franciscan missions in a non-cash form, you consent to the processing of personal data provided through the transfer. The Province of St. Anthony and Bl. Jakub Strzemie of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual (Franciscans) may use the data provided to send you correspondence (notes of appreciation, wishes, information about the Franciscan missions etc.). If you do not consent to the processing of your personal data or do not wish to receive correspondence, please notify us by e-mail: or make the payment anonymously.

This is the mission account number:


Pekao S.A. 31 1240 4432 1111 0000 4732 4970 PLN,

Copy and paste, or write this note, along with your name:

„Remote ADOPTION Program Uganda (forename and surname of sponsor)

PROWINCJA SW. ANTONIEGO I BL. JAKUBA, 31-539 Krakow, ul Żółkiewskiego 14


The ‘note’ is very important to insure that your funds reach the „Remote Adoption”  Program.

After sending funds to this account, please inform us by sending an email to Fr Jozef Matula (, so that we can monitor your adoption along with our brothers in Cracow. We also need your contact information (your email or postal address) so we can send you information about your adopted child.


Adoption at a distance is also organized in Kakooge. If you would like to help in Kakooge, please contact our Secretariat:


To all benefactors – thank you for your support!


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